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Variety of Gelish or LED UV Lamp

Facts & Myth about UV Lamp

Buy your Gelish Curing UV Lamp from, price inclusive of delivery!

**Please note, ALL UV Lamp does not have local warranty, we will ensure the UV Lamp should be in working BEFORE sending it to you, should there be any defects please let us know within 7days from receiving the UV Lamp we offer 1 to 1 exchange with 7days from day of receiving the unit**

Professional usage / Salon usage UV Lamp,
(9Watt x 4bulb) 2 mode -
1) on always and
2) preset 120sec timer.

Commonly used in Nail Salons.
Interchangeable UV bulb (4 x UV bulb included)
Removable base bottom to ease curing of your Gelish pedicure

Gelish UV Lamp (
Specially for 
--==Limited Glossy RED UV Lamp==--

Glossy Red Limited Edition UV Lamp

36 Watt UV Lamp

  Price inclusive of delivery


Retail Price : SGD $69.00

SGD $49.80

SGD $59.80
(Crimson Glossy RED
Limited Edition)

Select Color Here:

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 Suitable for 1 hand usage at a time.
Interchangable 9Watt x 1 bulb 
(1 x bulb included)
9W_Gelish_UV_Lamp (



 9 Watt UV Lamp

 Price inclusive of delivery


Retail Price : SGD $49.00
NOW: SGD$39.80


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Professional Nail Dryer, UV Lamp plus cooling fan.
Can be use to dry normal nail polish.
presetable timer 0-600sec

36Watt (9Watt x 4bulb) Dries your Gelish Faster. 
Interchangeable bulb
4 x bulb included)
36Watt UV Lamp with SMART Fan


 SMART 36 Watt UV Lamp with Fan

 Price inclusive of delivery



Retail Price : SGD $138.00
NOW: SGD$79.80

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12watt LED UV Lamp Professional Salon Quality

  • Fastest drying time 30sec for your favourite Gelish
  • Energy saving LED UV Lamp.
  • Wide cresent shape, enable to fit 2 hand at one time.
  • 3 preset timer 30s,60s & 120s.

    Gelish LED UV Lamp gelmynail,com


12Watt LED UV Lamp

Price inclusive of delivery

Retail Price : SGD $188.00
NOW: SGD$150.80


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Third Generation LED UV Lamp by Hand and Nail Harmony, Simply dries the Gelish in 5 Secs! Designed specifically use for Harmony Gelish curing. Quietest and Lowest power consumption, professional usage for both Salon and Home use. LED are specially engineered to last longer than normal UV light bulb! so no more changing of the bulbs!

Motion Sensors, that activates once you insert your hands
Preset Timer: 5 sec, 20 sec or 30sec

 Nail Harmony SMART LED UV Lamp 12G
Gelish 18G LED UV Lamp Bar comparision chart



18G LED UV Lamp

Price inclusive of delivery

Retail Price : SGD $688.00

NOW: SGD$588.80

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Mini Portable LED UV Lamp curing Torch Light

Looking for something small and compact while travelling overseas? A Girls night out, Hen's Night or staycation with nothing plan in mind? How about DIY Gelish while Travelling??

Portable LED UV Lamp is 3 x AAA Battery operated, and thanks to the LED UV Lamp's Low power consumption the AAA battery can last for months! 

Portable mini 9watt LED UV Lamp for travelling

also Available in BLUE Color

Portable mini UV Lamp Blue 


Mini portable 9 Watt LED UV Torch Light

Price inclusive of Mailing
Please note: 3xAAA Battery not included

2 Options Colors Available:
Selling FAST!

Retail Price : $28.80

Selling price : SGD$19.80

Color Option:

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 Interchangeable 9Watt UV Lamp bulb
interchangable 9W bulb
Recommended to interchange your UV bulb every 4th year.


9 Watt UV Bulb

Price inclusive of delivery

Retail Price : SGD $18.00
NOW: SGD$9.80


 Fact & Myth about Gelish Curing UV Lamp  

Question 1)    Are UV ray harmful to my body?

UV ray are harmful, when you overexpose your skin for several hours. Gelish curing only require less than 10 mins under UV ray. Each curing is only at most 120 seconds (2mins).

Gelish use UV lamp is not more than 36 watts. The known UV harmful exposure caused by Indoor tanning bed range from 6,000 watts to 12,000 watts, which is 160 times stronger than your Gelish UV lamp. 

Each Gelish curing session for your Gelish, Base coat + 2 Color coat + Top coat = 4 layers. UV Lamp usage is about twice a month
[UV Lamp] about 8mins maximum time needed= 2mins for each layers
[LED UP Lamp] about 2mins maximum time needed = 30sec for each layers

Question 2)    What is the difference between a LED UV Lamp and a non LED UV Lamp?

The difference of the 2 is LED UV Lamp is dries faster and energy efficient.  

That is why some Nail Parlour in Singapore can offer “express” Gelish to Gelish fanatics and promise to give you perfect mirror shine Gelish within 10mins.  

For better understanding a picture illustration courtesy of is appended below: 

 Gelish 18G LED UV Lamp Bar comparision chart  Time to dry Gelish using conventional normal UV Lamp compared to LED UV Lamp

However LED UV lamps are pricier compared to Normal UV Lamp. Nonetheless, long term usage a LED lamp will be more cost efficient, as there is no requirement for interchanging of the UV Bulb. 

Well, it’s still up to individual. For home users we would suggest to start off with a cost saving normal UV lamp, and subsequently upgrade to a LED UV lamp when you become a Gelish Expert. 

Yes, another BIG Factor!! Normal convention UV lamp uses florescent bulb therefore it emits heats (not superhot, but around 40degrees heat) when curing your Gelish.  



Question 3)    What is the Pros and Cons of 9Watts Lamp Vs 36 Watts Lamp


9Watts Lamp more compact in size with only 1 curing bulb  

Both Lamp curing bulb can be interchange  

Lesser heat generation  


Only one bulb, where 36 watt UV Lamp has 4bulb and still able to continue to use if one is damaged.



Question 4)    WHY do I feel burning sensation when curing my Gelish? 


Toss it, throw it and NEVER USE IT!  

The method to dry your Gelish, as we all know~ is to use a UV Lamp. This is because a chemical reaction was reacted because Gelish liquid itself uses Polyresin or some sort of plastic material (not too sure what is the exact term called) to create a super long lasting, ultra super mirror shine nail polish liquid coat.  

And this liquid is “hardened” or know as chemical reaction, because of that UV Lamp. And this “chemical” is also known as the gel liquid will produce heat during the drying process.  

Gelish from Hand & Nail Harmony, have went thru several lab test and experiment to perfected this so-called chemical, to make sure it is environment friendly AS WELL AS SAVE TO use onto our skin (or nails should I put it)…. 

Yes some Gelish / unknown gel polish out there, are sold at halved the price or even lower! But whether it is safe to use on yourselves, is unknown….  

However, we do believe it is a personal preference and choice on whether which kind of Gelish to be used on your skin.  


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