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What is Gelish Manicure? 

Gelish Manicure is created by Nail Harmony, Gel in a polish. Applies like polish and works like gel.

Learn the great benefit on Gelish Manicure such as:

  • SAFE $1,000 a month on your TIME and MONEY, skip Nail Salon Visits!
  • Easy application
  • Superb Gloss Mirror Effect
  • Long Lasting Gelish Manicure that lasts more 21days
  • No Chip, No Crack, No Peel Manicure

Gelish Manicure is Gel Nail Polish, paint-on gel onto your nail from the bottle directly. It's easy to apply and remove (by Soak-off). Best of all, it's unlike normal nail polish that crack and chip easily. Gelish could last up to 2-3weeks! and it dries within 2mins! Yes! Amazing isn't it?!
**Please note, Gelish is unlike normal nail polish, It will not dry by itself, you require an UV Lamp to dry your Gelish.

wish to do your own gelish at home, and SAVE $1,000 in a year on Gelish Manicure visits to nail salon palour??  Wish to save TIME and MONEY? Why WAIT?!
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Gelish Tutorial, Gelish 101! Here's the steps to create amazing Gelish at home on your own!
your Step by step guide for a perfect Gelish Manicure Nails,
From 5mins and lasts for 3weeks:

How to Apply Gelish At Home

 Step 1:
Have your hands well manicured (with cuticle pushed back) and sanitized.
Use a nail-file to file the surface of your nail, to create a rough surface so that your Gelish can adhere better.
 Step 2:
Use a cotton pad and apply a few drop of Nail Harmony Cleanse (blue), to remove the debris and oil from your nail surface.
 Step 3:
Apply a layer of pH Bonder
 Step 4:
Apply a THIN layer of Nail Harmony Foundation Gel, place your hand under the UV Lamp for 30s *remember to seal the edge of your nails*, remove the tacky surface with a clean brush.
 Step 5:
Apply a THIN layer of your deisred Gelish color, place your hand under the UV Lamp for 120s/ LED UV Lamp 30s. *remember to seal the edge of your nails*
 Step 6:
Apply a THICK 2nd layer of your deisred color Gelish, place your hand under the UV Lamp for 120s. *remember to seal the edge of your nails*
 Step 7:
Apply a layer of UV Top Gel, place your hand under the Gelish UV Lamp for 120s. *remember to seal the edge of your nails*

Use a small cotton pad, and apply a few drop of the Cleanse Liquid to remove the tacky residue from your Gelish

All above steps with 5mins for your Gelish Maincure Gel Nail to last 3 weeks!! Yeah !!!


How to Remove Gelish At Home


 Step 1:
BEFORE removal, always apply some cuticle oil at your cuticle to protect your hands from the Acetone Removal strong content.

Using a Nail File, file away the top layer of the top-it-off sealer, until the top layer of the glossy effect is gone.

 Step 2:
Cut some Aluminium Foil into small sizes so long as able to cover you finger tip.
Cut some Lint Free fabric / Cotton pad into nail size.

of coz the best way is to get a Soak-Off Clip.

Step 3:
Soak the Lint Free fabric / Cotton pad with the Soak Off Remover (Pink color liquid)

Step 4:
Quickly use the Soaked Lint Free fabric / Cotton pad, and cover over the nail bed, and wrap the Aluminium foil around it.

Step 5:
Wait for 5mins, and remove the foil and Lint Free fabric / Cotton pad and use a steel pusher to slowly scrape the gelish away.

Step 6:
after removal, apply some cuticle oil for nourishing the nail.

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