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How to Do Nail Gel at Home, and be sure it's real stuff??

Gelish was Created by Hand & Nail Harmony: Performs like Gel, Applies like polish…
At we can assure you that we supply
100% authentic USA imported hand and nail HARMONY Gelish....

Sometimes you might be thinking that you've got a great deal online, and found a slashed priced Gelish, and start to do you own gelish at home... However, thinking whether it's real or fake Gelish, especially those you can get easily from the online stores, and the online stores are selling way much cheaper than those in nail parlor/Retail store….

Fear not!, is here guide the consumers on how to distinguish whether the nail harmony is real or fake… Here is the5 simple step all about Nail Harmony Gelish, to determine whether the Nail Harmony Gelish is real or fake BEFORE you purchase and DIY your gel nail at home…

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Step 1: Price does matter….

Why do we say that??!!
in USA, Nail Harmony Gelish is selling each Gelish at USD$13 to USD$18 a bottle (online market), convert to SGD it about S$17 per bottle (product cost itself) + shipping Fee + US customs tax + Flammable Liquid declaration + conformance certification + Singapore Customs Declaration + Singapore 7% Tax = per bottle should be at least S$25 to S$35… Those are the authentic and direct import from USA…. If you happen to bump into a wholesaler/vendor/website selling less than S$17 EACH?!, you ought to think twice… unless they are able to prove their genuineness/certificate…

Step 2: Authenticating from the top…. 

The Cap - for Nail Harmony Gelish the cap itself is squarish. The feel for the cap is Rough / Matt coating and the cap tip should have a DEEP punctured hole. The top of the cap is a dome shaped, meaning the bottle couldn't stand upright if you placed it upside-down.

 Step2 - The Cap A
Step 2 - The Cap2

The Brush - The Authentic Hand and Nail Harmony's brush bristle feels smooth, it applies your Gelish easily without any mess, air bubbles and clutter… Every gel's brush stroke is concentrated and the Gel is evenly spread across the surface … Unlike the fake ones, the brush stroke is heavy on the tip, and brush stroke is not consistent at the end.


Step 3 - The Brush A Step 3 - The brush B

Step 3 - Examining the Bottle/ Product Label of Nail Harmony Gelish 

Bottle Label - Nail Harmony is a US patented product, which mean that people will get sued easily for imitating their product… Therefore examine the labels properly, ensure you see the word "HAND & NAIL HARMONY" on the label… some manufacturer is able to print the GELISH word on the label, but not "HAND & NAIL HARMONY", therefore do examine the product label wisely… and ensure they have print out the logos clearly … Unless like special edition like Magneto and CandyLand, that have special wording on the Logo area...

Step 3 - Product Label 

Step 4 - Examining the bottom of Nail Harmony Gelish 

The Barcode Label and Base Rim - The real Harmony Gelish Base rim should feels smooth and not jagged. You can find at the bottom of the Gelish bottle, there's 2 layer barcode label, this barcode label is incredibly unique, it tells you the details of the Gelish: Name, UPC (barcode), Product number, liquid content.

Step 4 - Bottom of the Gelish bottle

Removing the 1st layer of the label, you can see the Gelish Logo, and the ingredient that made this Gelish… The typo and the imprint for the barcode label is very detailed and ultra fine print … therefore majority of the imitators can't imitate this unique barcode label…


 Bottom product label removed

The bottom dent - when the barcode label is removed, a small dent is evident at the bottom of the bottle, the dent should point towards the "opening window" of the Gelish Color display window, this is the manufacturer default… However, this may not apply to all Gelish Bottle, some Gelish Bottle were created on different lot, therefore may have difference on the manufacturing process..

Bottom Bent of a Gelish Bottle


The Yellow Text behind the Barcode label
The original series of Nail Harmony Gelish has a LOT number, or known as production reference number, in case of any non-conformence, they would know which lot to be recalled. these numbers will be imprinted in yellow text behind the bottom barcode label (pic Above-right side), but where as some series will not these numbers as they are ONE-TIME special edition production, therefore, there is no LOT reference for it (pic above-left: Electric Metal Lover - For MAGNETO Series)


Lastly - Examine the internal and liquid content of the Nail Harmony Gelish 

The Bottle itself - When the cap is removed, on the twist capped area, you can see the difference of the 2 make of the manufacturers… the white body paint for the authentic Gelish bottle, should not paint over the twist cap.


bottle cap removed 


ALERT!!! Fraudulent Alert! 

We do see some fraudulent seller trying to sell some fake Nail Harmony product online and naming it as Harmony Gelish, yet indeed, they are selling at a slashed price around $10 to $15 dollars each Gelish, please, don’t even think about it.

And Sometimes by just crossing the bridge we can get our Gelish nails done easily at an affordable rate, at our neighboring country: Johor Bahru (Malaysia) or Batam (Indonesia). At certain Nail Salon, they too, are also using fake Nail Harmony Gelish for Gelish Packages. That is why, these nail parlor are able to offer such affordable package to you! Therefore smart buyer should be informed of such con practices and shop wisely…

Nevertheless, buying online is a great way of shopping without leaving your doorstep, buying thru the internet just by a few click of button… However, buying a Gelish online and test its authenticity indeed is a big problem and question mark, whereas you are unable to examine the product physically.

Ultimately, be it real or fake, always ask for a Material Safety Data Sheet to ensure the Gelish product you have brought is not harmful using onto your Nails… or if your vendor are able to provide a background of their product source...

Nevertheless, at, we provide 100% authentic and genuine USA Direct imported Hand and Nail Harmony Gelish. so, wait no more! BUY your Nail Harmony Gelish from NOW!!


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